Tribute to Irish Entrepreneur Eddie O’Connor Who Showed the way on Wind Power

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All that’s left is to have the drive to walk it.
Eddie O’Connor was a global pioneer in offshore power production and the impetus behind a supergrid in Europe. He passed away last week. How can we make his concepts a reality?
We are burying Eddie O’Connor today. We’re not going to bury his ideas. Those concepts only perish if we choose not to bring them to reality. Eddie envisioned Ireland more than 30 years ago as a creator of innovation and a force for advancement both domestically and internationally. O’Connor witnessed Ireland create new things, such as new industrial exports and gigawatts of new renewable energy from solar and wind. Long before anyone else, O’Connor spotted the seeds of a century of wealth.

More importantly, he made many fortunes by taking action to realize that goal.

“You have to get out of your comfort zone and just experiment,” Eddie O’Connor once said.

Taking a look back at his interviews with The Currency on the day that friends, family, and coworkers said goodbye to the late energy entrepreneur reveals his unwavering willingness to question conventional opinion.

Reluctantly moving Ireland toward renewable energy, Eddie O’Connor was a major driver behind the move. His funeral is coming Thursday. Because of this, he was a frequent interview subject for The Currency during the period that this journal has existed and his lengthy career have overlapped. There were indications in the latter days of 2020 that O’Connor was planning something. Then still chairman and controlling owner of Mainstream Renewable Power, the second successful renewable energy company he had launched after Airtricity, he was promoting his new start-up, SuperNode.

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