Bad Sisters’ Success Elevates Sharon Horgan’s Production Company’s Earnings of €59.2 million

Bad Sisters
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Merman Television, Sharon Horgan’s production company for TV and movies, brought in £50.9 million (€59.2 million) in total income in 2022 and 2021 thanks to international hits like the multiple-award-winning Bad Sisters.

The first set of consolidated finances for Merman Television Ltd., which writer, director, producer, and actor Ms. Horgan founded with co-founder Clelia Mountford and now-ex-husband Jeremy Rainbird, support this claim.

Due to the global success of the critically acclaimed films Divorce, Motherland, Catastrophe, and Bad Sisters—which won four Irish Film and TV Awards (IFTAs), including Best Drama, and one BAFTA for Best Drama—the London-based production firm’s business has expanded rapidly as a result of Ms. Horgan’s writing.

The firm reported revenues of £23.07 million (€26.83 million) and post-tax profits of £430,223 (€500,484) for 2022, according to the updated accounts filed with Companies House in the UK.

Due to Covid-19, productions that were scheduled to begin in 2020 were put back to 2021, resulting in £27.84 million in revenue for the group’s “exceptional” 2021. In 2021, the company reported post-tax profits of £1.1 million.

When Mr. Rainbird left Merman Television last year, he received little under €1 million in a share deal, according to other documents filed with Companies House.

On January 17, 2017, Mr. Rainbird resigned from his position as director of the company. According to records, the company paid Mr. Rainbird £850,000 (€988,817) on the same day for 3,000 common shares of the company under a “Buyback Agreement.”

According to the documentation, Mr. Rainbird kept 3,000 more of the 20,000 common shares in the company following the purchase, with Ms. Horgan continuing to maintain a sizable stake.

Following receipt of £2.44 million for 2022 and £7.31 million for 2021 in “high-end television tax relief,” the group reported post-tax profits for both years.

In 2022, the company reported a pre-tax loss of £2.01 million; however, a tax credit of £2.44 million produced a post-tax profit of £430,223.

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