Suffolk BME Business Awards Encourage Business Professionals

Suffolk BME Business Awards
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Those that organize an awards ceremony to support black and minority ethnic (BME) businesses claim that it serves as an inspiration to others.The Suffolk BME Business Awards were first presented in 2016, making this the sixth year that they have been hosted. The University of Suffolk and BSC Multicultural Services are in charge of them.

Pro vice-chancellor for business and entrepreneurship Prof. Gurpreet Jagpal stated: “We want to highlight the amazing things the different people who come to Suffolk are doing.”
The university’s waterfront building in Ipswich will host the honors presentation dinner in November.

Prof Jagpal said: “My passion is blurring the boundaries between the world of education and the world of business, and making sure our students and staff are getting opportunities to engage with industry.

“But also that they are going out to business and supporting them as well with their education and skills requirements both now and in the future.”

In 2022, ThinkBiznes’ Roland Gilbertson was named Business of the Year.
He stated: “As a person of colour and being able to support entrepreneurs, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds or from black and minority ethnic communities, I think it’s important because we have made a lot of contribution to this society.”We must also be able to make an economic contribution if we are to continue.” Imani Sorhaindo, a past winner, is the CEO and creator of KMT Rising. “I was made redundant, and knowing that yes, I can do this was a huge boost for me,” the woman stated.

“It gave me proof that, yes, as a black woman here in Suffolk, I can do this and it was an encouragement for other young people to do the same.”

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