MYStartup- New All-in-one Platform for Startup Ecosystem Launched

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Here during KL20 Summit 2024, Malaysia’s Single Window for the Startup Ecosystem (MYStartup), a revolutionary one-stop online platform for startups, was introduced.
In his keynote speech at the MYStartup launch, Science, Technology, and Innovation Minister Chang Lih Kang stated that the platform was created as the cornerstone for a smooth business environment for everything associated with startups in Malaysia.

According to him, it offers a plethora of features and services that enable businesses to obtain resources, investment, mentorship, and regulatory help, ultimately enabling the upcoming generation of entrepreneurs to prosper.

“MYStartup aims to unite founders, investors, tech talents, government agencies and ecosystem players while offering comprehensive data, insights and resources on starting and scaling a business, navigating funding options, and accessing essential support services within Malaysia’s startup ecosystem.

“If you are a startup and you do not know where to find funders or funding, You can go to our website, register yourself and inform the platform what kind of startup you are. The website will direct you to relevant funding agencies or if you are a tech talent looking for employment (with a startup), you can also look for relevant jobs,” he said on Tuesday (April 23).

Chang went on to say that what makes MYStartup powered by Cradle Funds even more amazing is that it has artificial intelligence built into it that allows it to instantly respond to user inquiries and offer advice about launching a business in Malaysia.

“Cradle Funds also spearheads the Malaysia Startup Ecosystem Roadmap (Super) 2021-2030, which emphasises the importance of a sustainable and inclusive startup environment to stimulate a robust economy by providing everyone with the opportunity to get access to entrepreneurial knowledge, connections to corporate, investor and government bodies,” he said.

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