Madrid-based LUDA Partners Secures €12 Million in Funding

LUDA Partners
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Spanish digital pharmacy network LUDA Partners, with over 3,500 pharmacies interconnected nationwide, has secured €12 million in funding from private equity investment firm Moira Capital Partners. This investment empowers LUDA Partners to advance its state-of-the-art technology, enhancing efficiency and sustainability for interconnected community pharmacies. The company aims to refine its product, expand into European markets like Ireland, and bolster its global presence. LUDA Partners’ value proposition addresses a market demand, showcasing pharmacies’ readiness to enhance their digital footprint through technology and partnerships with major national and international laboratories and leaders in rapid commerce, enabling them to compete digitally without significant investment.

This infusion of capital marks a significant milestone for LUDA Partners, founded in 2017 by Daniel de Carvajal, Luis Martín, and Marcos Alves, with a primary focus on digitizing Spanish pharmacies. With the support of Moira, led by Javier Loizaga, LUDA continues to experience remarkable growth and development. Daniel de Carvajal, co-founder of LUDA Partners, expressed satisfaction with the successful conclusion of the investment, emphasizing the quality of their partners and the validation of LUDA’s work and metrics. The operation received technological support from the Center for Technological Development and Innovation (CDTI) and the participation of Crea Inversión S.L, underscoring the strategic collaboration driving LUDA’s advancement.

Sebastián Cerezo, a partner at Moira Capital, emphasized their commitment to innovation in traditional sectors, underscoring the transformative potential of LUDA Partners in digitizing the pharmaceutical industry, a critical aspect of Spanish healthcare. He expressed confidence that LUDA’s initiatives will significantly enhance the lives of many individuals. This investment also highlights the value of entrepreneurship and innovative technological solutions, demonstrating belief in LUDA Partners’ capacity to positively impact the health of Spaniards. Leveraging LUDA’s technology, pharmacies have assisted over 280,000 patients in overcoming challenges in accessing essential medications, thereby improving adherence to treatment regimens. Moreover, LUDA continues its digitalization efforts by introducing new solutions aimed at boosting online sales of parapharmacy products.

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