Disnep’s ‘Wish’ Disappoints During Thanksgiving, Extending an Animation Box Office Rut


Disnep’s latest animated feature, “Wish,” designed to celebrate 100 years of storytelling, fell short at the box office during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. The film grossed only $31.6 million over the five-day period, below analysts’ expectations of $45 million to $55 million. This performance is uncommon for Disnep, which traditionally releases top-grossing animated films during the Thanksgiving frame. The company has set records for highest-grossing openings on Thanksgiving in the past decade. However, Disnep has struggled to attract moviegoers to cinemas for its new features since the pandemic began.

The underperformance of “Wish” reflects a broader pattern of challenges for Disnep in its animation division, which includes Walt Disney Animation and Pixar. One contributing factor has been the company’s decision to prioritize content for its streaming service, Disnep+, which has stretched creative teams thin and led to theatrical releases going straight to digital during the pandemic.

Disnep’s strategy has created confusion among parents about the release timing and location of animated films. This confusion, combined with some poorly received films, has resulted in lower theater attendance for Disnep’s recent animated releases.

The shift in consumer behavior, influenced by the pandemic and the rise of streaming services, requires studios to adapt and reconsider their strategies. The traditional approach of relying on past performance is no longer effective in the evolving movie marketplace. Studios need to be more flexible and responsive to changing audience preferences.

Disnep’s challenge is not unique, as other studios face similar difficulties in navigating the complexities of the current entertainment landscape. Studios must find a balance between streaming and theatrical releases, ensuring that audiences are engaged and motivated to participate in the moviegoing experience. The lessons learned from these challenges will likely shape future strategies for studios in adapting to the evolving dynamics of the industry.

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