some lesser-known facts about space

 Space Smells Like Seared Steak: Astronauts have reported that after spacewalks, their gear has a distinct smell that's been described as similar to seared steak or hot metal. This smell is likely due to the high-energy particles interacting with the materials of the spacesuits and spacecraft.

Space Is Not Completely Silent: While space is often portrayed as silent in movies, it's not entirely devoid of sound. Sound waves can't travel through the vacuum of space, but there are still some vibrations that can be detected, such as electromagnetic waves and the occasional burst of radio waves from celestial objects.

 Spacecraft Can Get "Lost" in Space: Due to the vast distances and complex trajectories involved in space travel, spacecraft can occasionally go missing. For example, NASA's Mars Climate Orbiter was lost in 1999 due to a navigation error caused by a mix-up between metric and imperial units.

 The Sun's Core Is Extremely Loud: Deep inside the Sun, nuclear fusion reactions produce intense vibrations that create sound waves. If we could hear these sound waves, the Sun would be incredibly loud, with a roar similar to a jet engine.

 Space Is Not Completely Dark: While space appears dark to the human eye, it's filled with countless stars and galaxies emitting light. In fact, if you were to look out into space from a location far from any bright sources like stars or planets, the sky would appear filled with a faint glow known as cosmic background radiation.