how women astronauts manage their periods in space:

Menstrual Suppression

– Many female astronauts opt to use hormonal contraceptives to suppress menstruation, which can simplify period management in space. – 

Flexible Contraceptives:

Long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs) like IUDs or hormonal implants are commonly used to stop periods for extended missions.

Menstrual Products:

Traditional products like tampons and pads are available on the International Space Station (ISS) for those who choose to have their periods.

Hygiene Protocols:

Special hygiene protocols are followed to ensure cleanliness, including the use of personal hygiene kits and wipes.– 

Limited Water Supply:

– Astronauts use pre-moistened wipes and no-rinse body wipes to maintain personal hygiene, conserving the limited water supply. – – – 

Disposal Solutions:

Used menstrual products are securely stored and disposed of in designated waste containers on the ISS.

Health Monitoring:

– Regular health check-ups and communication with medical staff on Earth ensure any menstrual-related issues are managed promptly. –