5 food items that astronauts can not consume in space


Traditional bread produces a significant amount of crumbs, which can be problematic in the microgravity environment of the space station.

Carbonated Beverages:

Carbonated drinks, like sodas, are not suitable for consumption in space because the effervescence could lead to gas bubbles in the astronauts' stomachs, causing discomfort. Instead, astronauts drink specially designed rehydratable beverages.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables:

While astronauts do receive some fresh produce on resupply missions, they are limited due to the perishable nature of fruits and vegetables. Most of their diet consists of packaged, freeze-dried, or dehydrated foods that have a longer shelf life.

Salt and Pepper:

Traditional salt and pepper shakers are not used in space because the spices can float away in microgravity. Instead, astronauts use liquid salt and pepper, which comes in bottles with built-in shakers to prevent the seasonings from dispersing in the cabin.

Fried Foods:

Foods that require deep frying are not practical in the microgravity environment. The hot oil and cooking process can pose safety risks and create additional challenges in waste disposal