5 Flight Etiquettes for your next plane journey

Be Considerate of Others

Keep noise to a minimum. Use headphones for music, movies, or games, and set your phone to silent mode.If you're traveling with others, keep conversations at a reasonable volume. Avoid discussing sensitive or personal topics that could make nearby passengers uncomfortable.

Respect Personal Space

Before reclining your seat, consider the space and comfort of the person behind you. Recline gradually and avoid doing so during meal service.Be mindful of shared armrests. Try to find a comfortable arrangement that respects the personal space of both you and your seatmate.

Follow Cabin Crew Instructions

Pay attention to and follow the safety instructions provided by the cabin crew. This is crucial for the safety of everyone on board.Adhere to the seatbelt sign. Keep your seatbelt fastened when the sign is illuminated, even if the flight is smooth.

Be Thoughtful in Shared Spaces

Be considerate when using shared spaces, especially the restroom. Keep your time in the bathroom efficient, and leave it in a clean and tidy condition.If you have an aisle seat, be mindful of the drink carts and other passengers when getting up or returning to your seat.

Prepare for Departure and Arrival

Ensure your carry-on items are securely stowed in the overhead bins or under the seat in front of you. This helps expedite the boarding and deplaning process.When the plane lands and arrives at the gate, be ready to deplane promptly. This helps maintain the flow of passengers and minimizes delays.