Pre-Seed Funding Fosters the Valuation of Bounce Watch Platform to €2.5M

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The Bounce Watch platform facilitates investor access to critical insights for data-driven investing decisions.

Bounce Watch, launched in November 2023 by Cem Ötkün and Sedat Yusuf Ergüneş, has finished its Pre-Seed funding round and is now valued at €2.5 million. Bounce Watch aspires to transform the venture capital ecosystem by real-time alternative data and actionable insights. The platform facilitates investor access to critical insights for making data-driven investing decisions.

Bounce Watch provides an AI-powered tool that gives meaningful information into startup performance and assists investors in optimizing their scouting and deal flow management processes. AI technology enables startup performance monitoring, actionable analytics, tailored industry news, and automated scouting for quicker deal flow. It facilitates the exploration and discovery of organizations that meet the client’s precise criteria, as well as the tracking of performance measures.

The platform uses AI to improve scouting operations, evaluate startup performance, and simplify deal flow management. This tool tracks startup performance across multiple measures, including investment, team dynamics, technology, website traffic, media exposure, and social media involvement. Real-time updates and actionable alternative data allow investors to fine-tune their investing plans effectively.

Features such as live company tracking, specialized industry updates, and automated matching algorithms help investors stay ahead of the competition.

Bounce Watch now tracks over 250,000 companies and wants to reach 4 million by the end of 2024, with 40,000 investors and 300,000 completed investments. Angel investors such as Aylin Kosova Bilgin, Can Üzel, Deniz Güven, Dora Güçsav, Gülin Yücel, and Süha Güçsav contributed to the investment.