OMC Announces a Significant Growth with the Purchase of a Consulting Engineering Firm

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A reputable multifunctional consulting engineering firm has successfully acquired a long-standing Galway consulting engineering company. The prestigious Galway institution James Roche Consulting Engineers, which has been in operation since the late 1970s, was acquired by the OMC Group, adding a substantial amount to its portfolio. By using synergies, this strategic integration strengthens OMC’s position as a leader in the consulting engineering industry and expands its range of services.

OMC stated that it would continue to pursue its growth trajectory and that it intended to finalise two more acquisitions by the year 2024. Furthermore, it is anticipated that the company’s expansion initiatives would generate 20 new positions across the country.

Established in 2012 under the name Enda O’Malley and Associates, the company changed its name to OMC in 2023 to reflect its development and commitment to providing professional consulting engineering services that are exceptional and innovative.When OMC acquired O’Halloran Engineering in late 2022, it marked a significant turning point and set the stage for upcoming expansion plans.

OMC, which employs eighteen people internally, specializes in a wide range of residential and commercial projects. It offers planning, environmental, structural design, building surveying, land mapping, assigned certification, fire and disability, mechanical and electrical, energy, and health and safety consulting services.

OMC is based in Dublin, Galway City, and Clifden, and it manages projects all throughout Ireland.
“We are thrilled to have James Roche BE and his team join the OMC Group,” stated OMC’s founder and CEO, Enda O’Malley. “James Roche Consulting Engineers has been a reputable and well-established consulting engineering practice in Galway since the late 1970s, and OMC’s service offering throughout Galway will be enhanced by his reputation and network,” the speaker continued.

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