New MoU establishes Green Fuels Supply Chain Corridor

Green Fuels Supply Chain Corridor
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The Port of Rotterdam, the largest port in Europe, and Shannon Foynes, Ireland’s largest bulk port, have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a European “green fuels supply chain corridor.” This agreement is a significant endorsement of Ireland’s ambitious green vision for the Shannon Estuary. The collaboration aims to facilitate the development of market and trade for green hydrogen and its derivatives, with plans for production at an upcoming international green energy hub on the Shannon Estuary.

The Memorandum of Understanding between the ports outlines plans for substantial and clearly defined increases in Green Hydrogen volumes, with initial proof-of-concept volumes expected by 2030. Europe’s broader green hydrogen strategy for 2030 involves importing 10 million tonnes of renewable hydrogen to be used in heavy industry and transportation sectors traditionally dependent on coal, natural gas, and oil. The Port of Rotterdam aims to facilitate 40 million tonnes globally by 2050, a substantial portion of which could be derived from the abundant wind resources in the west of Ireland. Additional opportunities, including forming coalitions with interested commercial parties and expanding the MOU to involve other stakeholders, will be explored to establish a collaborative supply chain for delivering initial proof-of-concept volumes before 2030.

The MOU also includes provisions for engaging relevant public stakeholders to support the initiative and sharing information regarding the potential supply of green hydrogen and its derivatives, such as green ammonia and green methanol. Additionally, there will be collaboration on sharing best practices in areas such as desalination, high-voltage electricity, industrial clustering around the H2 molecule, and green ship bunkering processes. The two ports may also collaborate on market development and jointly seek final off-takers for supplies from Ireland. Potential sectors for off-takers include the maritime fuels sector, sustainable aviation fuels, green fertilizer production, and industries with direct green hydrogen fuel requirements, such as the steel industry.

Mr. Patrick Keating, CEO of Shannon Foynes Port Company, stated, “With the largest wind resource in Europe off our west coast, we have the opportunity to become Europe’s leading renewable energy generation hub. This will bring about transformational change for Ireland in terms of energy independence and unprecedented economic gains. By achieving this, we can make our most significant contribution to the European project as a substantial participant in REPowerEU, Europe’s plan to end reliance on fossil fuels.”

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