Jim Jordan as Speaker: Potential Impact on Antitrust Laws for Tech Giants

Jim Jordan

If Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio secures the position of Speaker of the House, major tech companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon may witness a slowdown in the push to pass significant tech antitrust legislation, according to political strategists and industry lobbyists. Jordan, who won the GOP speaker nomination, faces a challenge in assembling the 217 votes needed to win the gavel in a closely divided chamber. If he becomes Speaker, it is anticipated that Congress may delay action on big tech-related legislation.

Jordan, as the chairman of the powerful House Judiciary Committee, has accused tech companies of censoring conservatives on their platforms. However, he has criticized bipartisan efforts to use antitrust legislation to break up these corporations. A Jordan speakership might make it challenging to move sensible bipartisan legislation to address big tech’s abuses of power, according to industry insiders.

For major tech companies, the potential passage of bipartisan antitrust legislation in Congress poses a more immediate threat to their businesses than a partisan content moderation bill. A Jordan speakership could be viewed as favorable for tech giants, which have long been under scrutiny for potential antitrust violations.

Jordan’s focus on speech and censorship issues related to tech, coupled with his criticisms of the Biden administration’s pressure on companies, may explain why lobbyists and PACs for major tech firms have contributed regularly to his reelection campaigns. Google’s PAC, for instance, has contributed over $35,000 since 2012 to support Jordan’s reelection campaigns.

While Jordan’s approach to big tech antitrust has drawn support from some quarters, there are divisions within the Republican political ecosystem over how Congress should address tech regulation. Some critics argue that Jordan has impeded conservative efforts to rein in tech companies, highlighting the GOP’s internal fissures on the issue.

The impact of a Jordan speakership on tech legislation remains uncertain, and stakeholders are closely watching how he might navigate these complex and contentious issues.

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