Guy Fieri’s Children Must Work to Earn their Inheritance. He said, “Come and take it from me.”

Guy Fieri
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Celebrity chef Guy Fieri has a unique approach to passing on his wealth to his children. Fieri, known for his TV shows and a dozen restaurants, has informed his sons that they will need to attend graduate school to inherit his fortune. Drawing inspiration from NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, Fieri emphasized the importance of education and postgraduate degrees.

Fieri shared his perspective in an interview with Fox News, revealing that he advised his sons, “None of this that I’ve been building are you gonna get unless you come and take it from me.” He humorously mentioned that, like his father did with him, he plans to leave little inheritance, expecting his sons to handle funeral expenses.

Recalling Shaquille O’Neal’s approach, Fieri quoted, “If you want any of this cheese, you’ve gotta give me two degrees,” emphasizing the requirement for postgraduate education. Fieri has a thriving restaurant empire and media career, and he believes that his sons should earn their share through education.

Despite facing resistance from his youngest son, a high school senior, who found the policy unfair, Fieri maintained his stance. The son expressed, “Dad, this is so unfair. I haven’t even gone to college yet, and you’re already pushing that I’ve gotta get an MBA? Can I just get through college?” Fieri, however, seemed unfazed, confident that his sons are on the path to meeting the educational expectations he has set.

While unconventional, Fieri’s approach reflects his belief in the value of education and hard work as prerequisites for wealth inheritance. In the world of Flavortown, it seems that advanced degrees are the keys to unlocking the family fortune.

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