Fulcrum Equity Partners Emerging as Startup Boosting VC Powerhouse

Fulcrum Equity
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An Atlanta-based venture capital firm in its fifth fund is searching for its next acquisition, which may involve a startup in the Triangle. With $372 million, Fulcrum Equity Partners just closed its Fulcrum Fund V. Partner Philip Lewis stated that the Triangle is being considered and mentioned that he makes at least two trips there annually.

Fulcrum provides business owners with the funding and on-the-ground assistance they require to grow their enterprises more quickly. By establishing the appropriate structures, procedures, groups, and cultures, we meet teams and companies where they are and assist them in envisioning a more expansive and promising future. The proper relationship, the appropriate experience, and the right support are the foundation of it all.

For every aspect of corporate operations, Fulcrum provides the appropriate support, ranging from strategic growth plans at the highest level to tactical best practices. From partners that have done it before to an ecosystem of knowledgeable advisors and investors with substantial operational experience, the organization has the proper experience. Partners have over 125 years of collective experience as past executives.
Learning from its own operational expertise and those of our portfolio firms is beneficial.
With more than 60 investments, 25 successful exits, and a financial runway approaching $1 billion, Fulcrum specializes in technology and healthcare, allowing you to concentrate on your company and not your upcoming fundraising effort. From the board level to senior leadership and all around the organization, the company hires the appropriate individuals. With the help of its leading service partners in the sector, it seeks to perfect the expansion plan of its clients.

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