Eight Startup Launches Receive $2.8 million in Funding from Modus via its Venture Builder Platform

Venture Builder

based in the UAE As part of its venture builder programme, Modus Capital has announced the launch of eight new startups. The capital firm will invest $2.8 million in each of these ventures.

Among these startups are Your Social Smile, MDBX, Monet, Oscar, Sindbad, Seva, JamaliBox, and Stornest. With programmes in Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, and Cairo, Modus runs a network of venture builders supported by a $50 million Venture Builder Fund.

In order to empower both new and established founders, The Modus venture-building approach consists of a nine-month programme that offers both financial and non-financial resources, such as networking opportunities and mentorship.

Eight startups from Modus’s Venture Builder (VB) programmes were successfully built and launched in 2023. Modus is a MENA-based Venture Platform that consists of VC funds, Venture Builders, and a Corporate Innovation arm. To date, Modus has invested a total of $2.8M in these emerging companies.

Using a nine-month programme, the platform’s venture building approach enables founders to work with Modus’ operational experts to co-build ideas into fully functional and investable companies. During their involvement, founders create market-ready MVPs, test and validate ideas, and have access to unmatched tech support and strategic mentorship.

Based in Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, and Cairo, Modus runs a network of venture builders that is supported by a $50 million Venture Builder Fund. Each location has its own strong frameworks for venture building, strategic objectives, and functions as a regional ecosystem where startups can develop scalable concepts and products, connect with other business owners and exchange knowledge, and ultimately spur innovation.

Startups in all of Modus’ VBs gain from an investment that consists of a mix of cash and in-kind services. Modus offers crucial resources to guarantee its startups have the best chance of success, ranging from augmenting product, marketing, engineering, design, research, and strategy teams to allocating a specific budget for growth initiatives and market validation.