According to the 34-year-old CEO of Kickstarter, A Crucial Aspect of Success that Many People Ignore

CEO of Kickstarter

Everette Taylor, CEO of Kickstarter and a seasoned entrepreneur, emphasizes the often underestimated role of timing in achieving success. Despite his hard work and determination, Taylor recognizes that luck and timing have significantly influenced his career journey, often providing him with favorable breaks.

Taylor’s entrance into Kickstarter is an illustrative example of this. A Financial Times article highlighting his accomplishments caught the attention of a board member, eventually leading to his involvement with the company. He attributes his achievements to a blend of fortunate timing and aligning himself with opportunities and executing them.

To position oneself for success, Taylor advises aligning your goals and consistently working toward them. While this doesn’t always necessitate the extensive practice advocated by Malcolm Gladwell’s “10,000-hour rule,” it involves consistently demonstrating your best efforts and placing yourself in situations that offer promise or assistance.

For instance, Taylor recommends making a positive impression on your boss in the lead-up to requesting a promotion. High performance and proactive communication about your ambitions for more responsibility create a prime context for advancement.

However, Taylor also encourages prudent risk-taking. Stepping out of your comfort zone, connecting with professionals in your desired field for guidance, collaborating with recruiters, and participating in networking events are all ways to expand your horizons and seize opportunities.

Ultimately, the combination of timing, proactive efforts, and calculated risk-taking can play a pivotal role in achieving success and standing ready to seize the right opportunities when they arise.

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