A New 737 Max Fault, According to Boeing, Will Delay Airplane Deliveries

New 737 Max Fault

Boeing has announced that a new manufacturing flaw on its popular 737 Max aircraft will lead to delays in deliveries. The flaw was discovered in fastener holes on the aft pressure bulkhead of some 737 planes, which were improperly drilled. Spirit Aerosystems, the company responsible for manufacturing the fuselages, stated that only some units were affected due to its use of multiple suppliers for the aft pressure bulkhead.

Boeing indicated that the issue will impact near-term 737 deliveries as inspections are carried out to determine the number of affected airplanes and complete the necessary rework. However, unaffected 737 Max planes will continue to be delivered. This setback comes as Boeing strives to meet the strong demand from airlines amid a travel boom while also addressing various manufacturing flaws.

The company did not specify whether this new issue would alter its earlier forecast of delivering between 400 and 450 Max jets this year. Despite these challenges, Spirit Aerosystems expressed its intention to continue delivering fuselages to Boeing and doesn’t anticipate a significant impact on its delivery range for the year due to this issue.

Boeing clarified that the defect is unrelated to flight safety and that airlines can continue to operate the planes. The company has informed the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) about the issue. Following the announcement, Boeing’s shares experienced a decline of around 3% in after-hours trading.

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