A Cloud Above the Rest: Christopher Carter’s Approyo Adventure

Christopher Carter

The landscape of IT services and consulting is home to leaders who stand out, paving the way for innovation and excellence. These leaders embrace risk, encourage creativity and innovation, work collaboratively with others and drive progress and growth in the field. Christopher Carter, the Chairman & CEO of Approyo, is a distinguished figure in the IT domain.

Imagine this scenario: A multinational corporation is at a crossroads, seeking a technology solution that will propel them into the future. They require not just any solution but one that aligns perfectly with their unique goals and objectives. This is where Approyo comes into play, providing full-service technology solutions with a particular focus on cloud-based SAP consulting, solutions architecture, hosting and managed services.

At the helm of this remarkable company—which specializes in making SAP simple for organizations around the globe is Christopher, a visionary leader. Under his guidance, Approyo has not only thrived but has also become a driving force in simplifying SAP for businesses worldwide.

In a world where technology reigns supreme, Christopher and Approyo, Inc. are trailblazing a path to success by helping organizations harness the power of SAP and, in turn, achieve their most ambitious goals.

Let’s explore the journey of Christopher which embarks towards streamlined, efficient and innovative IT solutions!

Beyond the Corner Office

Christopher knows that passion is the key to success in any endeavor. He firmly believes, “First and foremost, you must have a passion for what you’re doing.” It’s this burning desire that fuels his journey as a leader.

In Christopher’s world, leadership isn’t just a title—it’s a way of life. He emphasizes, “If you do not have the passion to lead, to be a leader and to drive an organization to success, you’re nothing more than a follower who thinks they could.” It’s not about having a fancy job title—it’s about taking the reins and steering the ship towards success.

But passion alone isn’t enough. Christopher knows that to be an effective leader, you must possess the drive and capabilities to lead from the front. He advises, “If you do not have the passion, the drive and the capabilities to jump out in front to support your team and to lead, you must be that in order to start second.” In other words, leadership is not just about words—it’s about action. A true leader leads by example, setting the standard for their team.

One of Christopher’s golden rules of leadership is the importance of listening. He wisely points out, “You must have great listening skills—God gave you two ears and one mouth—use them accordingly.” Effective leaders understand the power of active listening. They take the time to hear their team’s concerns, ideas and feedback. It’s through listening that a leader can truly understand the needs and aspirations of their team members.

From Ideals to Actions

With three decades of experience under his belt, Christopher shares his leadership insights, saying, “Fundamentally, what I rely on is the fact that I have 30 years of experience to look back on to make decisions.” It’s this wealth of knowledge that forms the foundation of his leadership style.

Christopher knows the value of teamwork, stating, “I also have brought in some incredible team members to work with me and take on the responsibilities of items that I cannot take on every single moment of every single day.” Collaboration and delegation are key to his leadership approach.

Leadership Metamorphosis

Christopher reflects on his leadership style, stating, “My leadership approach does grow on a year-to-year basis, will it change from the core leadership that I have? No! but it will adapt and grow along with the activities that are going on in the world today.” While his core principles remain steadfast, he recognizes the need for adaptation in a changing world.

He stays vigilant in staying updated, noting, “I will always be following and monitoring the new trends, some of those are just trends but some of those are activities that will stick and will need to be followed upon as part of my leadership.” Christopher’s commitment to continuous learning ensures he remains an effective leader.

In his journey, Christopher not only evolves as a leader but as a person. This dedication to personal and professional growth is a testament to his leadership philosophy.

The Shape-Shifting Leader

Christopher is a strong advocate for servant leadership, emphasizing, “I believe firmly that leadership principles grow and guide our organization with or by being servant leaders.” Their approach centers on serving customers, staff and partners consistently, recognizing the impact they have on those they interact with.

Their ultimate objective is clear: “Our goal is to lead them to success on a day-in and day-out basis because of who we are and our capabilities leading them to the success that they should be and will be because of our relationships.” Through their commitment to servant leadership, they aim to empower others to achieve the success they deserve, driven by strong relationships and unwavering support.

The Living Vision

Christopher emphasizes the importance of instilling values in every team member, stating, “From the moment we hire individuals we ingrain into them our vision and values.” It’s these values that form the bedrock of their organization.

Their team is committed to providing unwavering support, with Christopher noting, “We rely on those individuals to provide those values on a day-in and day-out basis to our customers and address their needs as a 24/7 support desk and full CC flex partner to SAP.” They understand the significance of being a dependable support system for their customers, available around the clock.

For SAP customers, these values translate into tangible benefits. Christopher affirms, “For the SAP customers, we provide values that we live with every day.” It’s this dedication to their values that sets them apart from the rest.

Christopher’s vision, as part of the executive team, serves as their guiding light. He emphasizes, “That’s why our values are who we are and the vision I provide as part of the executive team—leads us daily.”

Innovate or Stagnate

Christopher firmly believes they are in the midst of an unprecedented era of innovation, stating, “I truly believe that we are at the forefront of the most innovative time in history.” Their commitment to 24/7 support is driven by their innovative spirit, poised to lead them all to success through SAP.

He underscores the importance of innovation, cautioning, “Innovation is the key to your success. Being stagnant, not doing anything, or not even moving forward will crush your spirits your soul and your company.” Stagnation is not an option—innovation is the lifeline to vitality, both personally and within an organization. Christopher’s message is clear: Embrace innovation to thrive.

Leading By Example

Christopher highlights the organization’s commitment to technology and ongoing training, stating, “This is a focal point of our organization—we embrace technology and adept training scenarios for all of our team members day-in and day-out—week after week—month after month.” In a rapidly evolving world, staying current is essential.

Their responsibility, as Christopher sees it, is to nurture growth and knowledge, remarking, “It is upon us to lead them to the growth and knowledge that we must have for our customers and our partners.” They understand that their team’s expertise directly benefits their clients and partners.

Furthermore, readiness is crucial. Christopher emphasizes, “It is upon us to have our staff up to speed and ready at a moment’s notice for any and all of the activities that we must sustain for our customers.”

Adapt or Evaporate

Christopher, often questioned about what sets his team apart, proudly shares, “What makes us unique is the fact that we are a growing organization yet we remain very nimble to the advancements in the SAP and cloud ecosystems.” Their ability to adapt to the ever-changing tech landscape sets them apart.

Continuous learning is a cornerstone of their approach, as Christopher explains, “Our team is always learning and grasping at new knowledge to make sure that we can move forward.” Their commitment to staying updated allows them to provide cutting-edge solutions.

A shining example of their innovation is a tool with AI capabilities they developed years ago, as Christopher reveals, “We created a tool over five years ago with an AI- based backbone that allows us to pre-monitor and support organizations in the SAP.” This tool exemplifies their proactive approach to support.

Embracing the cloud ecosystem not only empowers their support staff but also strengthens relationships with customers and partners, according to Christopher. He emphasizes, “Agility is key for us on a day-to-day and the way that we hire, and as such, it will continue to remain a focal part of our growth strategy.”

Cultivating Unity

Christopher’s commitment to his team shines through his daily engagement, as he explains, “I continuously talk with my team on a day-to-day basis, I am engaged with not only my leadership but with my staff.” Distance is no barrier—he remains a constant source of guidance, no matter where they are in the world.

Core values hold a special place in his leadership philosophy, as he stresses, “And so, my core values for this company and who we are constantly being communicated.” For Christopher, clarity reigns supreme, as he ensures that “Who we are, what we do and why we do it—those are central focuses and are always going to be moved to the head of the line for our staff, our customers and our partners.”

Approyo’s Tomorrowland

Christopher envisions the organization at a pivotal moment, stating, “I see this organization in the prime of its life—to be honest—I think we’ve just hit our teens and we are ready to grow even harder and further than ever before.” With the monumental SAP ecosystem upgrade, they aim to become the global partner of choice.

Their comprehensive offerings make them a standout, as Christopher explains, “You start with us being a fully vetted SAP CC flex partner to provide licenses to those organizations, then our upgrade and implementation capabilities and our long-term AMS capabilities.” They provide end-to-end solutions for organizations running SAP software, positioning themselves as a one-stop shop.

Christopher’s vision revolves around empowerment and innovation, asserting, “We want to lead by example! We want to allow companies to have the ability to innovate—to be able to use new technology and to grow their organization.”

Approyo’s goal is to foster innovation and growth, not hinder it. Christopher says, “We believe that all these organizations that run SAP software should be innovative and be allowed to innovate. They get that with Approyo!” Their mission is clear: to enable organizations to embrace innovation while running SAP software.

Striking While the Iron is Hot

Christopher’s aspirations are high as he shares, “We aspire to be a leader in the SAP ecosystem, we want to help lead the technology revolution and the innovation of SAP into the new Millennium.” Their vision extends beyond the present, aiming to shape the future of SAP technology.

He recognizes the vast potential ahead, stating, “We feel that we are just scratching the surface with the new upgrade cycle, that we are in—helping organizations to achieve their goals.” Their journey is only beginning, with the promise of assisting organizations in reaching their full potential.

Christopher’s goals are ambitious, both for the company and its staff. He adds, “My goals and aspirations for this company are great. My hope for my staff is even greater, I look forward to achieving my goals, the company’s goals and our team’s goals over the next several years.” With a focus on growth, success and empowering the team, he envisions a bright future for all.